Austin T. Levy School was named for its benefactor. Mr. Levy was a successful textile manufacturer, and his gracious wife, June, was known as the "First Lady of Burrillville." Their philanthropic interest played a major role in the development of the town.

Austin T. Levy was a native of New York from humble beginnings who moved to Rhode Island during the textile boom of the early twentieth century. In 1909 he leased a Greenville mill, naming it the Stillwater Worsted Mills.The mill was so successful that after only three years he needed a larger complex, therefore, leasing another mill in Burrillville. In 1918 Levy purchased the mill outright. Levy's keen business sense allowed him to help shape the face of modern Burillville. During the Great Depression Levy endevored to help his community. He kept the mills going full-time and began the Town Buildings Project. Through the gifts of the Levys, Burrillville gained its Town Hall, the Harrisville Assembly Theater Building, a library, a post office, the Harrisville Courthouse, two school buildings, and an indoor hockey rink.

Austin Levy was known as gentle and kind man who loved his fellow citizens. He died on November 14, 1951, at the age of 70. He was too humble to allow his family name to appear on any of the buildings his family donated in their lifetime. They felt that service was its own reward.

(from The Rhode Island Heritage Hall of Fame)

About our school

The Austin T. Levy School is located in the center of Harrisville, Rhode Island. It is a primary school serving grades PreK, K and 1. Levy School currently houses a population of about 350 students, with four preschool sessions, eight Kindergarten classes, and seven 1st Grade classes at this time.

The school is staffed full-time by the principal, 17 classroom teachers, 3 special education teachers, 2 speech/language pathologists, an occupational therapist, a physical therapist, a school psychologist, a reading specialist, a physical education/health teacher, and 8 teacher assistants. We share a music teacher, an art teacher, a library/media specialist, and a math specialist with other elementary schools in the district, and we employ an additional math specialist part-time.

Preschool students attend school for a half day, either in the morning or afternoon. Kindergarten and 1st Grade students attend for a full day.