The 3 Rs

Here at Levy, we are:
and Ready to Learn! 

Austin the Seahorse and all his undersea friends remind us how to show we know the 3 Rs everywhere we go in our school!

Harry the Hallway Hermit Crab

Harry the Hallway Hermit Crab reminds us to be RESPECTFUL by staying to our right, keeping our hands and feet to ourselves, and keeping our hallway clean; RESPONSIBLE by walking safely and going straight to our destination; and READY TO LEARN by walking quietly and acknowledging friends with silent waves.

Barry the Bathroom Blowfish

Meet Barry the Bathroom Blowfish
He reminds our Levy Learners to be RESPECTFUL by waiting our turn, giving others privacy, and flushing; RESPONSIBLE by using the toilet right away, washing our hands with soap, and throwing paper towels into the trash bin; and READY TO LEARN by walking straight back to class when we are done!

Carl and Coral, the Cafeteria Crabs

Here are Carl & Coral 
our Cafeteria Crabs
Carl and Coral help us remember how to show the 3Rs during breakfast and lunch. We are RESPECTFUL when we stay in line, remain in our seats, keep hands and feet to ourselves, and say "please" and "thank you." We are RESPONSIBLE when we raise our hands, eat our own food, and pick up our trash. We are READY TO LEARN when we follow directions!

Austin the Seahorse

Austin the Seahorse is our school mascot. 
He can be seen in every area of the school. 

When we are RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, and READY TO LEARN we earn praise and recognition! Also, a Levy note gets cut in half - one half comes home so that we can show it to our families! The other half is collected in a "fishbowl" in our classroom and hallways. 

At Levy School we take pride in recognizing our learners who follow the 3Rs. Every day, Mr. Milisauskas looks to recognize Levy Learners and hangs up / announces the names of the students who earned them. They may also get a special phone call home from Mr. Milisauskas!

Randy the Recess Ray and the Plankton Players

 Randy the Recess Ray 
and his friends the Plankton Players join us every day on the playground to help us remember the 3Rs. We are RESPECTFUL on the playground when we take turns, speak kindly, and keep our hands and feet to ourselves. We are RESPONSIBLE when we take care of toys, play safely, and stay in designated play areas. We are READY TO LEARN when we line up quickly and quietly as soon as we hear the bell!