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12-6-15 A Sneak Peek at the Week

posted Dec 6, 2015, 11:30 AM by Julie Mayhew A Sneak Peek at the Week…

Good Evening, Levy Families! Here’s what’s happening this week...

Upcoming Events:

  • Our monthly PTF meeting is tomorrow evening at 6:00 pm in the library! All are welcome!

  • First grade students will be enjoying some science-based fun with interactive performances by POW! Science this Thursday and Friday! (K and PreK students will enjoy a live animal presentation by BIOMES in the spring!)

  • First trimester report cards will be coming home this Friday, December 11th.

  • First grade students are invited to bring in boxtops and labels this week, and to visit the school store!

Some Updates and Reminders:

  • Austin the Seahorse: Austin is taking an extended vacation for the month of December! His elf-friend Shelly  has been hanging out in the halls and common areas of Levy School, keeping an eye on things and reporting back to the North Pole as needed - so far we have found her in the cafeteria, perched on our flag pole, at the Nurse’s office, swinging from a hallway stop sign, and outside the bathroom! Mrs. Ullom’s Kindergarten class and Mrs. Avila’s first grade class can expect visits from Shelly, since they earned the most Levy Loot this week!

  • During December, we will continue collections to support the Weekend Snack Pack program - we will be collecting fruit snacks this month!

  • Please see the attached, updated diagram of our school parking lot showing the traffic patterns - and please share it with anyone who may be picking up or dropping off your child at school!

For information whenever you need it, please be sure to check out our Levy website at  If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to call or email me at any  time!

A very Happy Hanukkah to our families who begin their celebrations this evening!

Menorah, Candles, Light

Julie Mayhew


Austin T. Levy School