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Grade 1 students looked at still-life painting containing vases of flowers by Impressionist painters.  Students then used watercolor paints to create their own vases of flowers.

Kindergarten students viewed the Picasso drawing "Hand with Flowers" and created their own hands with flowers.

Grade 1 students were read the story "Commotion in the Ocean", students responded to the story by creating their own undersea worlds. 

Students looked at the jungle images of self-taught artist Henri Rousseau, who loved to paint the jungle.  Students created their own jungle pictures.

Students were read the story "Owl Moon", we discussed facts we know about owls, and looked at images of James Audobon as well as the images of owls in Native American art, from the Pacific Northwest.  We also viewed a live "owl cam", of a long eared owl and her owlets.  Students then created their own owl images. 

Kindergarten students listened to the story "Uncle Andy's Cats", and looked at cat imagery created by Pop Artist Andy Warhol.  Students then created their own cat portraits.

Grade 1 Students looked at the images of artist George Rodrigue, especially his "Blue Dog" imagery.  Students then created their own dog portraits.

Kindergarten students viewed images of penguin colonies in Antartica, and created images of penguins at play, using oil pastels and watercolor paint.

Grade 1 students created relief prints by carving styrofoam printing plates, and using white ink to transfer the image to construction paper.

Students created mixed-media winter landscapes using colored pencil and chalk.  These drawings were inspired by American Folk artist Grandma Moses.


Students read the story "Winter Trees", and created images of trees in the winter, inspired by the illustrations in the story,

Kindergarten students listened to the story "Snowmen at Night", then created cut-paper snowman collages.

Grade 1 students were read the story "Snow Bears", by Jan Brett.  Students created torn and cut paper collages of polar bears.

Grade 1 students looked at landscape imagery of autumn trees and observed the changing autumn colors in our school yard.  Students then created multi-media autumn landscapes using crayon and tempera paint.

Grade 1 students created Abstract Color/Shape Paintings inspired by the work of Wassily Kandinsky, German Abstract Expressionist.